14 October 2014
Ca’ del Bosco is proud to announce the creation of the new Vintage Collection Dosage Zéro Noir. The fourth wine in the cellar’s range of vintage bottles is a 2005 Franciacorta classified as “Riserva”. The pinot nero-only grapes vinified off the skins for this Blanc de Noir come from a magical site in one of the highest points in Franciacorta, the Belvedere vineyard at some 466 metres above sea level. Ageing for eight to twelve years brings Franciacorta Dosage Zéro Noir to a peak of quality and enables the wine to develop its signature aromatic profile. Dosage Zéro Noir is an uncompromisingly pure Blanc de Noir that conveys all the uniqueness of the terroir where its grapes were grown. Purity is enhanced by the winemaker’s decision not to dose the wine by adding liqueur d’expédition at disgorgement. First released in 2012 with 2008 wines, the Vintage Collection is the supreme expression of the “Metodo Ca’ del Bosco”. These are bottles that tell a story of free, transparent choices untrammelled by preconceived ideas. The Vintage Collection is philosophy transformed into the art of making outstandingly territorial, tradition-true wines. Today, the Vintage Collection’s three iconic Franciacortas – Brut, Satèn and Dosage Zéro – are the finest examples of Ca’ del Bosco’s savoir-faire with classic-method vinification. Three distinct interpretations, each capable of coaxing out the inimitable characteristics that make every vintage unique. The Franciacortas in our Vintage Collection provide an elegant narrative of our terroir, and of the skills of grower and winemaker in making the most of its natural potential. In 2014, the Vintage Collection story gained a new chapter with the appearance of Franciacorta Dosage Zéro Noir. The idea of making wine solely from pinot nero dates from 1980, when Maurizio Zanella and André Dubois realised the grape’s potential and created Brut Pinot Nero, the first Franciacorta based exclusively on pinot nero. Few wine lovers were lucky enough to get their hands on a bottle. Dosage Zéro Noir picks up that heritage, earning its place in the Vintage Collection. A Franciacorta that renders tribute to the Ca’ del Bosco heritage, Dosage Zéro Noir ensures the winery’s values will live on. Today, a celebratory presentation pack allows a limited number of enthusiasts to savour three vintages of Dosage Zéro Noir – 2001, 2004 and 2005 – disgorged in summer 2014, after respectively twelve, nine and eight years of ageing on the lees.