Certified organic vine growers since 2014

“Well yes, it’s high time it was said. The success of Franciacorta is mainly due to that boy’s efforts. He threw himself into it with a raging desire for the best, for meticulous selection, for quality to extremes”. Luigi Veronelli writing about Maurizio Zanella in an article appearing in the Corriere della Sera on March 12, 2000. Like many pioneers, taking their own roads with the clarity of their inner dreams and a burning desire to fulfill them, that young man, too, was following a personal intuition. In 1979 Maurizio Zanella planted the first five rows of vineyard having 10,000 vines per hectare (2.5 acres) and in Franciacorta initiated a type of grape-growing at the time considered rash and revolutionary: very dense, with minimal distance between the vines and extreme selectiveness. And this was only the beginning of a route that Franciacorta then ambitiously undertook: distinguishing itself with the severest production regulations in terms of selectivity and qualitative rules. In addition there was Ca’ del Bosco’s fervent desire, right from the start, to make not only bubblies from its 247,77 ha of vineyards in Franciacorta but also still reds and whites. The decision to undertake this project in a territory fairly new to wine made it possible to choose the finest hillside properties, and Ca’ del Bosco now has vineyards more than 40 years old. It was also decided to separately vinify the grapes from different vineyards, thereby respecting the different terroirs, and to blend the wines only in the final refining stage. The territory’s natural wine vocation gives each grape variety its highest expression. And to respectfully protect this vocation, Ca’ del Bosco vineyards are tended with methods having very low environmental impact, with minimal fertilization and strictly of the organic type.

  • Vineyards
    Sant'Anna Vineyard

    Colluvial origin, clay loam, with few rocks. Planted with Pinot nero and Chardonnay. The hillside is partially terraced with a West exposure and is part of the Parco delle Colline of Brescia; the gradient is between 15 to 30%.

    It is one of the few terraced areas in Franciacorta.

    TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 15,27 ha
    • Vineyards

      In the heart of Franciacorta on deep, cool soil sheltered from excessive heat or cold, the “Formica” vineyards continue to provide superb-quality fruit even in times of global warming.

      TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 13,18 ha
      AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 200-220 m s.l.m.
      • Vineyards

        The deep, cool soil is well-suited to the early-ripening varieties of the pinot family. This is Franciacorta’s largest single block of pinot nero.

        TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 19,05 ha
        AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 210-230 m s.l.m.
        • Vineyards

          The vineyards, planted largely to red-skinned varieties, are in the part of Franciacorta where the last undulations of the morainic hills smooth out and the soil becomes more fertile.

          TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 36,92 ha
          AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 200-220 m s.l.m.
          • Vineyards
            LE SELVE

            Planted on Franciacorta’s most outlying glaciofluvial deposits, “Le Selve” takes full advantage of its permeable soil. Despite the absence of hill formations, chardonnay and pinot nero still manage to ripen and express their typicality beautifully.

            TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 8,20 ha
            AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 190 m s.l.m.
            • Vineyards

              Soil on the east-facing hillslopes that stretch down from Provaglio to Cazzago San Martino can be described geologically as “deep morainic”. The well-exposed rows are planted with much of Ca’ del Bosco’s pinot nero, which here yields the best grapes for the production of Franciacorta Rosé.

              TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 42,21 ha
              AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 240-320 m s.l.m.
              • Vineyards
                VIGNETO BOSCHI

                The eastern side of the first moraine circle is one of the few corners of Franciacorta where the eye can sweep round without encountering any sign of urbanisation. These plots supply a substantial proportion of Ca’ del Bosco’s chardonnay grapes.

                TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 26,73 ha
                AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 230-250 m s.l.m.
                • Vineyards

                  The “Belvedere” vineyards, at about 500 metres above sea level atop the hill that bounds the southern shore of Lake Iseo, are the pride of Ca’ del Bosco, epitomising the estate’s approach to viticulture: a little bit heroic and a little bit extremist.

                  TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 4,49 ha
                  AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 420-466 m s.l.m.
                  • Vineyards
                    PALAZZO TORRI

                    Planted on an east-facing terrace in a scenic hillslope setting, the vines yield grapes with outstanding quality potential that we normally set aside to make still, Burgundy-style wines.

                    TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 6,23 ha
                    AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 250-280 m s.l.m.
                    • Vineyards

                      All three stand on the estate’s leanest, most ancient moraine. These vineyards are in our finest locations, where planting densities are highest, making this the historic core of Ca’ del Bosco. Here Franciacorta’s terroir finds its supreme expression.

                      TOTAL SURFACE AREA: 31,5 ha
                      AVG ALTITUDE ABOVE SEA LEVEL: 250-280 m s.l.m.