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Curtefranca Bianco

Integrity. Harmony and wholeness, a tandem expressing the essence of Ca' del Bosco style. Its first wine, first made in 1972, Curtefranca Bianco is the early opus that nonetheless still amazes for its extraordinary development power, the result of surprising longevity. The Chardonnay and Pinot Bianco grapes come from selected vineyards differing in exposure, position and clones. An intriguing wine to drink with your sense of smell. Subtle taste, fresh crispness, uniquely lithe structure and long aromatic persistence. A host of virtues for different occasions. A white suited to a broad range of dishes.

Data sheet


Curtefranca Bianco D.O.C.

Grape varieties
Chardonnay 80%, Pinot Bianco 20%.

Vineyards of provenance
16 Chardonnay vineyards planted an average of 29 years ago located in the municipality of Erbusco, Cazzago San Martino and Passirano.
Two Pinot Bianco vineyards planted an average of 24 years ago located in the municipality of Passirano.

Harvest period
First ten days of September 2016.

Average yield per hectare
8,8500 kilograms of grapes, equivalent to 5,510 litres of wine (must-to-fruit ratio 59%).

Curtefranca Bianco is obtained from grapes from 18 vineyards whose aspects, clones and ages succeed in bringing out all the magic of a white wine in the Ca’ del Bosco style. A perfect pairing – the fruit fragrance of Chardonnay and the elegance of Pinot Bianco. True to the Metodo Ca’ del Bosco, the grapes are picked in small cases and then quickly selected and chilled. Each bunch is selected by experienced cellar staff before visiting our “berry spa”, an exclusive air-bubble bunch-washing system that incorporates three soaking vats and a drying tunnel. Vinification is exclusively in temperature-controlled steel tanks at a temperature of 18-20 °C. After maturing for a period of about six months, the wine is bottled naturally by gravity flow. Innovative bottling systems ensure that the wine is not subjected to oxidative stress or disturbance, and that no further sulphites are added. Integrity and healthfulness are guaranteed. Finally, every bottle is given an individual marking to ensure its traceability.

March 2017.

Bottle ageing
Six months.

Data at bottling
Alcohol 13.0% Vol.; pH 3.14; Total Acidity 6.28 grams/litre; Volatile Acidity 0.21 grams/litre.

Total Sulphur Dioxide less than 63 milligrams/litre (maximum legal limit: 200 milligrams/litre).