This privacy notice is issued in compliance with European and Italian regulations regarding the protection of personal data.

Personal Data Treatment Controllers (hereinafter “Controllers”)

The purpose indicated in point 1) below is pursued by the company that operates the winery and sells its products, in its capacity as sole Controller;
The purposes under points 2), 3) and 4) are pursued by Ca’ del Bosco Hospitality S.r.l. (hereinafter “C.d.B. Hospitality”) and Ca’ del Bosco S.r.l. Società Agricola (hereinafter “C.d.B. Agricola”), in their capacity as Joint Data Controllers with reference to the products and services offered by them both (hereinafter, taken together, “Products and Services”).

Purposes and legal basis for the treatment
1) Answering the requests received through this form, aimed at obtaining information or booking a visit; in the case of a booking, carrying out all the associated administrative and commercial activities (including sending messages to remind the clients of their booking, inviting them to access the contents on winery and thanking the client for the visit), and the related accounting and tax operations and, more generally, fulfilling any and all legal obligations, as well as protecting and/or exercising their rights: consent is not required, because the treatment is necessary for the pursuit of all the above purposes;
2) Transmitting commercial information, promotions, invitations to events, opinion polls, etc. concerning the Products and Services (“Marketing”), using the contact details of the Interested Party (telephone, mobile phone, e-mail): for this purpose, the user’s explicit consent is required;
3) Analyzing behaviors, habits and consumption patterns of the Interested Party, in order to meet specific needs and to improve Products and Services, also by sending personalized commercial communications (“Profiling“): for this purpose, the user’s explicit consent is required, separate from that referred to in the previous point;
4) Documenting the consent issued for Marketing and/or Profiling communications even after the revocation of the same: for this purpose, express consent is not required, because the treatment is necessary for the pursuit of the legitimate interest of C.d.B. Hospitality and C.d.B. Agricola, so they can easily manage any requests in this area (by the Interested Party and the competent Authorities) and protect the reputation of both.

For the purposes indicated in point 3), C.d.B. Hospitality and C.d.B. Agricola, by means of automated decision-making processes, intend to analyze the Interested Party’s interaction with the communications received for Marketing purposes (e.g. webpages opened, clicks, etc.) and his/her behaviors in relation to the experiences with the two companies (e.g. visits, purchases, etc.), in order to activate a communication process based on such analyses.

Period of data retention
The Controllers intend to treat the data according to the following time frame:

– For the purpose referred to in point 1), the data will be treated for the time necessary to provide feedback and, as a rule, for no more than three months from the last contact; in case of booking, the data are treated for the fulfillment of all the related or deriving obligations, for the period prescribed by law and according to the time limitations which apply to the rights arising from the relationship with the Interested Party;
– For the purposes indicated in point 2), the data will be treated for 24 months following their registration, although the Interested Party may revoke his/her consent at any time, and the revocation may also refer to a single contact modality;
– For the purposes referred to in point 3), the data will be treated for 12 months following their registration, with the understanding that the Interested Party may revoke his/her consent at any time;
– For the purposes referred to in point 4), the data will be treated for 6 months following the revocation of the last consent given.

In any case, the data may be retained for a longer period, if necessary for the settlement (however reached) of any disputes that may have arisen.

Nature of the provision of data and consequences in case of refusal
The provision of data for the purposes referred to in point 1) is necessary and therefore any refusal to provide them in whole or in part may make it impossible for the Interested Party to request and obtain information, as well as to book a visit; if the visit is confirmed, the person making the reservation will be asked to provide the identification data of any additional participants; (s)he therefore guarantees the accuracy of such information and undertakes to bring to their attention this notification, which applies to them only in relation to the purpose of booking the visit.
The provision of other data is optional: failing this, C.d.B. Hospitality and C.d.B. Agricola will not transmit communications for Marketing purposes and/or will not carry out Profiling activities. However, the Interested Party is entitled to ask for and obtain information as well as book and carry out the visit.
Please find detailed information near/in the form.

Categories of recipients
The Controllers will not disclose the data, but intend to communicate them to internal staff authorized to process them in accordance with their respective duties, as well as to professionals or service companies (e.g. IT providers) and to public and private authorities, in the case of inspections and audits.
These recipients, if they treat data on behalf of the Controllers, will be appointed as data processors through a specific contract or other legal act.

Data transfer to a third country and/or an international organization
The Controllers make use of cloud computing services that may involve the treatment of data through servers or digital equipment located outside the European Economic Area: in all these cases, the transfers will be carried out in accordance with the specific provisions contained in the applicable personal data protection regulations. In particular, transfers will take place to countries with privacy legislation that the European Commission has considered adequate, or by binding the recipients with specific contractual clauses (those of the Group, which apply to subsidiaries, and the one approved by the Commission, which applies to others): please contact the Controllers more information.

Rights of the Interested Parties
The Interested Party is entitled to ask the Controllers for access to his/her personal data and to correct them when inaccurate, to erase them or to limit their treatment under certain conditions, to oppose their treatment for the Controllers’ legitimate interests and to obtain the portability of the personal data submitted only if they are subjected to automatic processing based on consent or contractual conditions. The Interested Party also has the right to revoke his/her consent to the treatment for the purposes that require it, regardless of the legal compliance of the treatment performed up until the time of the revocation.
With respect to joint treatment, the Interested Party also has the right to know the essential content of the agreement between C.d.B. Hospitality and C.d.B. Agricola stipulating their respective responsibilities.
To exercise any or all of the above rights, the Interested Party can fill out the form available here and send it to either:

[email protected]; or data treatment carried out by the company that operates this website – with reference to point 1); or
C.d.B. Hospitality, selected to serve as a joint contact point, with reference to joint treatment by C.d.B. Hospitality and C.d.B. Agricola – points 2), 3) and 4) – at the following email address: [email protected];.

The Interested Party also has the right to lodge claims and complaints with the competent oversight Authority for the protection of personal data, at the following link: