Art and wine

“Wine is a real value that gives us the imagined”. Ca’ del Bosco goes on from Luigi Veronelli’s statement with a clear purpose: expressing a different idea of wine civilization, creating a special rapport between its structures, lands, people, wine and art.

There are places that have a magical effect on those inhabiting them because they express the essence and value of a passion. One of these places is the Ca’ del Bosco winery. Because its fusion of art and wine, nature and culture, creates a magical effect: it touches people’s spirits and senses. This is why Maurizio Zanella wished to share these sensations, opening a space formerly reserved to lovers of art as well as wine. Visiting Ca’ del Bosco is an immersion in complete harmony and intense joy. The enchanting scenery blends with the intellectual provocation of contemporary art: surprising sculptures adorn the landscape with the colors of bronze, marble and steel.There is great similarity between creation of a sculpture  brought to light and distilled in pure form  and creating an excellent wine. It’s the material that calls to the artist: stone awaits whoever intuits the shape it contains and frees it. Land awaits whoever intuits its vocation and, with love, wisdom, clear sight and severe selection, transforms a promise into color, taste and aroma that light up the whole world’s eyes in pleasure. And so for anyone with a passion for excellent wines, for nature and for art, a visit to the Ca’ del Bosco winery is a must.