Like a taster interprets a wine through the clearness of the glass, so the eye of the photographer interprets reality through the camera lens.
Eleven of the world’s most famous photographers freely expressed their relationships with wine and its traditions, creating an extraordinary illustrated volume.

This original adventure into photography, and life, began in the 1980s when Maurizio Zanella asked an internationally renowned photographer to interpret the world of wine at Ca’ del Bosco. Following him came all the others who, through their lenses, interpreted this fascinating world as they saw it. For Ca’ del Bosco photography became a third artistic expression, after wine and sculpture.

And so began an extraordinary story, recounted by a rich and variegated collection of photographs revealing, on the one hand, the sensitive eye of the photographer and on the other a reality composed of landscapes, faces, gestures and situations that speak of the context from which they come: Ca’ del Bosco. The photograph collection became an exhibit held at La Triennale di Milano from October 20 to November 7, 2004: it was mounted by Davide Manfredi who selected the 171 shots, afterwards published by Skira in the homonymous book 11 Photographers 1 Wine.