Visit the Cellar

Ca' del Bosco opens its cellars for tours designed to give wine enthusiasts first-hand knowledge of how Franciacorta is made and to guide them around the vineyards at the winery. A walk through the Ca' del Bosco barrique cellars, historic repositories of art and innovation, takes visitors to the Cupola.

Here, at the heart of the estate, a glass of wine awaits to reveal the secrets behind a great passion.

Opening Times
Open from Monday to Friday: 9.00 a.m./12.30 p.m.- 2.00 p.m./6.00 p.m.

Open all day on Saturday and Sunday: 9.00 a.m./5.00 p.m.

While we have no lower age limit for visitors, we do not recommend cellar visits for children under the age of ten as the ambient temperature is about 10 °C, humidity levels are high and there are architectural barriers for pushchairs and prams. Pets are welcome but will not be able to accompany you on your visit. We suggest you refrain from bringing animals.