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Cuvée Prestige Edizione

Identity. A virtue found in the etymology of an ancient word: idem, or being the same. Cuvée Prestige, the essence of Franciacorta, Ca' del Bosco style. A jewel created in 2007 from thirty year's experience. Only the finest Chardonnay, Pinot Nero and Pinot Bianco grapes from the best vineyards, vinified separately and skillfully blended with reserves of the finest vintages (at least 20%) go into the magical rite of Cuvée creation. It will take almost 24 months of refinement on yeasts before this wine is ready to express all its richness and identity. A classic, well-balanced Franciacorta, pleasantly fresh and crisp. Perfect for any occasion.

Data sheet

Edizione 44


Grape varieties
Chardonnay 81,5%, Pinot Bianco 1,5%, Pinot Nero 17%.

Vineyards of provenance
162 plots planted with Chardonnay, average age: 30 years, in the Municipalities of Erbusco,
Adro, Cazzago San Martino, Corte Franca, Iseo and Passirano.
5 plots planted with Pinot Bianco, average age: 28 years, in the Municipality of Passirano.
30 plots planted with Pinot Nero, average age: 21 years, in the Municipalities of Erbusco,
Provaglio d’Iseo and Passirano.

71% vintage wines 2019
26% reserve wines 2018
3% reserve wines 2017
2019. The winter was marked by mild temperatures and scant rainfall. This caused spring to set in
earlier than usual. However, from the second week of April on, everything changed dramatically,
with rains continuing until mid-May and below-average temperatures. The weather conditions
inhibited flowering and caused underdeveloped cluster wings and flower shedding, leading to
smaller, looser bunches of below-average weight. After May 15, the weather improved significantly,
which created more favorable conditions for fruit set. Above-average temperatures were the rule
throughout the month of June, the driest in the past two decades. The dry climate persisted until
mid-July, with the vines starting to show signs of water stress. Early in August, the long-awaited
rains finally came, saving the crop. From August 20, with the start of the harvest operations, the
temperatures returned to normal, and sunny weather accompanied the grape harvest until the end
of August. The operations began on August 20 and ended on September 5, with excellent weather.
Average yield: 4.8 tons per hectare, equivalent to 3,020 liters (grape to wine ratio: 63%). The small
size of the clusters and the low grape yields resulted in a high quality vintage, fully expressed in our Prestige Edizione 44, graced by an intense citrus, white and yellow fruit bouquet, and a full-bodied and extremely lively mouthfeel.

The base wines that go into Cuvée Prestige are the fruit of accurate cluster selection and expert
vinification, carried out in line with the Ca’ del Bosco Method. The grapes are hand-picked and
placed in small crates, graded and chilled. Every bunch is selected by trained eyes and hands, just
before they go through our exclusive “berry spa”, a special whirlpool-like wash for grape bunches,
consisting of three soaking tanks, followed by thorough drying in a special tunnel. After pressing
in an oxygen-free press, all the musts of the base wines ferment in temperature-controlled stainless
steel tanks, where they remain until the following month of March. The wines take seven months
to settle, mature and express the very best characteristics of their vineyards of origin. The wines are
then carefully assembled in the “magical ritual” that creates the cuvée. Only after aging on the lees
for at least 2 years will this Franciacorta express all its richness and identity. Disgorgement is carried out in an oxygen-free environment, using a proprietary process designed and patented by Ca’ del
Bosco. This procedure prevents oxidative shocks and makes it unnecessary to add sulfites, making
our Franciacortas purer, more appealing and longer lived. Finally, every bottle is marked with a
unique identifier to ensure its traceability.

April to June of the year following the harvest

Maturation sur lies
25 months.

Dosage at disgorgement
Added sugar: 1.0 grams/liter - “Extra Brut”

Analytical data at disgorgement
Alcohol 12.8% by vol.; pH 3.11; Total Acidity 5.80 g/l; Volatile Acidity 0.32 g/l

Total max. sulfur dioxide 55 mg/l (max. legal limit: 185 mg/l) – concentration indicated on
the back label