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Vintage Collection Extra Brut

Power. A Franciacorta which expresses the strength of Pinot Noir.
Only a low dosage allows to exalt to the best the potential of this wine, ensuring in time a great aromatic richness and complexity. A crescendo of aromas destined to surprise.

Data sheet


Franciacorta Millesimato.

Grape varieties
Chardonnay 64%, Pinot Noir 26%, Pinot Blanc 10%.

Vineyards of provenance
16 Chardonnay vineyards planted an average of 31 years ago located in the
municipalities of Erbusco, Adro, Cazzago San Martino, Corte Franca and Passirano.
7 Pinot Noir vineyards planted an average of 28 years ago located in the
municipalities of Erbusco and Passirano.
2 Pinot Blanc vineyards planted an average of 28 years ago located in the
municipality of Passirano.

2017. A vintage year with low yields but excellent quality. A mild, dry winter followed by a warmer than usual spring. During budbreak, on the night between April 18 and 19, the temperature dropped abruptly, dipping down as far as -4.5°C, and wreaked considerable damage on 2/3 of Ca’ del Bosco’s vineyards, as well as all the rest of Franciacorta. Flowers appeared in mid-May, under favorable conditions, but the frost had reduced fertility to very low levels. The summer started off warmer than usual and continued on until harvest time, with peaks of 39°C in August. The final outcome: low yields of extraordinary quality.
The grapes were harvested in the central 10 days of August, with an average yield per hectare of 4.000 kilograms of grapes, equal to 1.720 liters of wine (grapes to wine: 43%).

Franciacorta Vintage Collection is obtained from meticulously selected grapes skilfully vinified in full compliance with the Metodo Ca’ del Bosco. As soon as the grapes are picked, using small cases, they are graded and chilled. Each bunch is selected by experienced eyes before visiting our “berry spa”, an exclusive bunch washing and jet spray system that incorporates three soaking vats and a drying tunnel. After crushing in the absence of oxygen, all the musts for base wines ferment in small oak casks. Barrel maturation lasts for just 5 months to coax out maximum aromatic complexity and expressive power without jeopardising elegance. A pair of flying tanks enables the wines to be gravity-racked from the small oak casks into maturation tanks. 7 months after the harvest, it is time to create the cuvée. Vintage Collection Extra Brut 2017 is a masterly blend of 25 Chardonnay, Pinot Blanc and Pinot Noir base wines that imbue the final product with its uniquely rich, complex sensory profile. The higher proportion of Pinot Noir brings structure and nobility of character, which are further enhanced by leisurely ageing in bottle. Disgorgement takes place in the absence of oxygen using a unique system designed and patented by Ca’ del Bosco. The procedure avoids oxidative stress or the need for additional sulphites, making Ca’ del Bosco Franciacortas purer, more appealing and longer lived. Finally, every bottle is given an individual marking to ensure its traceability.

April 2018.

Maturation sur lies
For an average of 48 months.

Dosage at disgorgement
Equivalent to 0.5 grams of sugar per litre - “Extra Brut”.

Analytical data at disgorgement
Alcohol: 12.5% Vol.; pH 3.06; Total Acidity 6.40 grams/litre;
Volatile Acidity 0.28 grams/litre.

Total Sulphur Dioxide less than 51 milligrams/litre
(maximum legal limit: 185 milligrams/litre).