It is nature’s decision. Nature shows the way to transform wine into art. But human hands and skill expedite the transformation. The Metodo Ca’ del Bosco is comparable to no other. It’s an individual, idealistic and perhaps even inspirational take on the Metodo Franciacorta.

“Tradition” does not mean standing still in sterile adoration of the past. It means combining innovation with naturalness and quality, aspiring to create a truly noble wine that exalts its variety and terroir.

As soon as the grapes are picked, using special cases, they are graded and chilled. Each bunch is selected by experienced eyes before being cosseted at our “berry spa”, an exclusive air-bubble bunch-washing system that incorporates three soaking vats. The cleaner the grapes, the purer the wine. Crushing in the absence of oxygen is followed by fermentation in small oak barrels or vats. Gravity transfer of musts and wines is eff ected with the help of two “fl ying tanks”. Every detail is crucial. Controlled environments, cutting-edge technology and tools, innovative design. The deft use of wood.

Lees contact is extended and bottle closures are meticulously monitored. Ca’ del Bosco’s own specially designed bottling and disgorgement lines avoid oxidative stress.

Individually marked bottles ensure complete traceability. The underground stone cellars are extensive; the care of the cellar hands devoted. This is how Ca’ del Bosco wines are created. More elegant. More healthful. Longerlived. And more natural.